About K industries-ALTHAMMER

From a coppersmith’s to a manufacturer of containers, apparatus and machinery

What began in 1948 as Wilhelm Althammer’s coppersmith’s shop in the Baden Württemberg town of Heidenheim an der Brenz is now, seven decades later, a prime address in the field of container, apparatus and machinery construction.

Today, K industries-ALTHAMMER GmbH supplies distinguished customers both domestically and abroad in a wide variety of industry sectors.

These include, for example, the chemical, paper and pulp industry, the oil and gas industry, environmental technology and the food industry as well as many other areas dealing with machinery and plant construction as well as energy technology.

ALTHAMMER developed over time into a medium-sized family business. The main focus was, and today still is, the processing of stainless steel and other high-quality alloys.


Situated in the exceptionally innovative and economically strong region of East Württemberg with its numerous companies of global stature, the ALTHAMMER staff, currently comprising around 70 people, processes and produces custom products of the highest precision and quality. Since 2009, the company has also manufactured containers for the transportation and storage of nuclear fuel rods.

The tradition as a classic family business is being continued in Heidenheim under new auspices. K industries headquartered in St. Andrä, Carinthia is a specialist for industrial plant construction and is now associated with ALTHAMMER as a sister company by means of common ownership.

Since August 2017, K industries – Steel&Engineering GmbH located in Frankenthal (Rhineland-Palatinate) has also been part of the company group. It had already earned an outstanding reputation over the course of several decades in the area of industrial service under its previous name of KWE Ludwigshafen Stahl- und Industriebau GmbH.

K industries Service & Technologies GmbH, located in Linz, has been part of the K industries group since the beginning of 2020.