Tank & Apparatus Construction

Large, reliable, custom-made

K industries-ALTHAMMER delivers workshop fabricated containers weighing up to 50 tonnes per piece and with a diameter of up to six metres. Larger containers are prefabricated in segments and are joined on site at the installation location. 

Using ultra-modern 3D planning software, K industries-ALTHAMMER is able to design very complex containers or container systems and tailor them precisely to customer requirements.

Through the combination of skilled craftsmanship and ultra-modern fabrication methods, K industries-ALTHAMMER products ensure an attractive price/performance ratio and high quality.


The manufacturing range offered by K industries-ALTHAMMER comprises:

  • Process tanks, storage tanks
  • Agitator tanks
  • Storage towers
  • Ground and polished tanks
  • Heat exchangers
  • Pressure vessels, vacuum vessels
  • Silos
  • Columns
  • Complex custom designs

The range of services offered by K industries-ALTHAMMER comprises:

  • Assembly of process pipelines (new construction, refurbishment, expansions)
  • Turbine piping
  • Assembly of aggregates
  • Assembly of pumps, turbine parts, etc.
  • Supervision
  • Tank installation
  • QA management
  • After sales service

The TÜV A2 certification, the ISO 9001 certification and numerous further approvals and permits by foreign acceptance and monitoring institutes underscore the high quality for which the K industries-ALTHAMMER name stands in this product segment.